Let’s Hear it From the Team: Best Advice

At every point in a leader’s career, they have been guided by mentors or leaders who have inspired them to preserve and tap into their wisdom within. While no way is the way, it is important for leaders to find people and words that inspire them into action, help them navigate when stuck, and be a touchstone when they need reassurance. Below the Magnus senior leadership team shares some words of wisdom that have stuck with them during their professional careers.

Check out some of the best advice the Magnus leaders have received:


Matt Cartwright – CEO & Founder

Don’t let perfection stand in the way of progress, and certainly don’t let exceptions dictate the inability to create a rule or good process. There’s gonna be exceptions to anything, but if you let either of those things stand in the way of good progress, you’ll never get anywhere. You’ll get stagnant. 


Nicholas Crown – COO

The best professional advice I have ever been given came from a Product Marketing leader from whom I previously worked under. He loved to say “never be good at a bad job!” And while he mainly used it as a tongue-in-cheek remark to explain why he hated working in Powerpoint, he also intended a deeper meaning. And, that advice “find something you like doing that other people will pay you to do” is one of the secrets to building a career. One person’s idea of a “bad job” can be another person’s path to career fulfillment. It’s a state-of-mind.


Ian Byrd – Vice President of Sales

This was from a former sales leader: “You are only as good as the people that you surround yourself with.” This has stuck with me, kind of cliche, but it is why I feel like Magnus is a huge winner!



Heather Aylott – Director of Customer Success

I started with Wendy’s in management at a young age. A senior manager took me under his wing and always said, “Work harder than anyone around you, be honest, own your mistakes AND the mistakes made by your team and never own the praise, always spread it to your team.”



James Delonay – Director of Optimization

The best professional advice I have ever received has been, “Always check your cables!” I’ve spent much of my career in signal processing and computer hardware development. I have seen numerous projects stymied by perplexing and inexplicable results coming back through outrageously priced test equipment operating on equally expensive prototypes – only to later discover that it was a $40 probe cable that was causing the erroneous measurements. It’s often the things that are overlooked because of assumptions about a process, operational environment, data format, questions not asked, that ultimately derail a project. So, when a problem occurs, take a pause and try to think of the truly simplest explanation, and if you are lucky, that’s the problem. If that doesn’t work, conjugate the signal, another bit of good advice.


John Holstrom – Director of Business Development

The best professional advice I received was working at a part time job back in high school. One of my managers taught me the difference between being responsible and being accountable. Being responsible, she told me, was ensuring that a task was completed regularly and on time, such as stocking a shelf once an hour. But if I wanted to be accountable for that job and truly take ownership, I would focus on ensuring that the shelves were stocked. They weren’t the same. She said that to be truly accountable for ensuring the shelves were stocked, I may need to stock them once an hour, twice an hour, or possibly only once a day if that is what is required to keep the shelves stocked. This can be applied to any given job, personally or professionally. I try not to focus just on what steps it takes to finish a job, but rather what it takes to ensure the job is done properly.

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