Magnus Drivers App: Load Exceptions

The Magnus Driver App (MDA) is the mobile application used by drivers to communicate with a trucking company during the movement of a load. In conjunction with the Magnus TMS, it completes a closed-loop load delivery process for trucking companies. The MDA, used by truck drivers, and the Magnus TMS, used by dispatch, are a complete dispatching solution that creates transparency, automation and efficiency. They work together to make the transportation of goods seamless and profitable even when there are exceptions.

Magnus Driver App

When using the MDA, there are two ways a driver can accept a load: as is or with exceptions. An exception occurs when all or part of the load is incomplete, damaged, or missing. This can happen at any time during the transit of a load. The truck driver can note these exceptions during pick up or drop off of the load by logging it in the MDA. Using the Load Summary feature in the MDA, drivers can upload and update any exceptions in the documentation, claims and proof of delivery.

Noting these exceptions at pickup may protect the driver or company from paying for damages, missing items or shortages since they already existed prior to logging. Failure to note this at the load pickup would mean that the driver or company may be financially responsible for the cost of repairs or replacements. Using the MDA, the driver has the ability to add exceptions (codes, notes, photos) as needed when loading as well as when unloading when the receiver inspects the freight. This protects both the driver and the company.

Here are two examples:
  • Upon delivery of a shipment, the driver found the seal was broken and four boxes were stolen while waiting for delivery. 
  • Another example is a driver delivers a load that is three cartons short of what the paperwork noted. The receiver signed off on the short. 

In both of these cases, the drivers would need to document the exceptions in the app. The MDA allows for all of these exceptions to be noted and an official time stamped document is created/emailed automatically, as needed. This all happens in real time notifying all parties involved in the delivery: the shipper, the driver, and the supplier. 

The MDA has an easy-to-use interface and is used by drivers from load assignment to delivery fulfillment. It works with the Magnus TMS during all aspects of the delivery process and assists drivers in completing accurate load management documentation with or without exceptions.


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Magnus Technologies is a trucking logistics management service company that is designed to help trucking companies improve their operations and maximize their revenue by employing the best technology solutions. Formerly Viridian TransVision, in 2016 logistics and enterprise industry veterans rebranded and expanded their offerings to create Magnus, a common carrier and brokerage software solution. The Magnus Carrier TMS, in conjunction with the mobile Magnus Driver App (MDA), provides a complete end-to-end dispatching solution that automates and simplifies the creation, fulfillment, and settlement of transportation orders. The Magnus platform seamlessly integrates with ELD, EDI and legacy applications with a full suite of APIs to assist in managing multiple disparate apps.