The Magnus Platform Newest Features

Check out the newest updates to the Magnus Platform! We continually make updates and add features as part of our commitment to improve business processes by providing valuable solutions to transform our customer’s business as well as the transportation industry. 

Some of the highlights of our newest updates include:

  • Magnus Carrier Advantage Module
  • Carrier Monitoring Module
  • Customer Tracking Portal
  • Driver Profile Pics

Our customers can find the Magnus Platform Release Notes on Freshdesk

Magnus Carrier Advantage Module:

With the all new Magnus Carrier Advantage (MCA) module, we did not simply reskin the existing Carrier Portal. Instead, we started from scratch with the simple goal of empowering you to enable your partner carriers to find, book, and deliver freight in a simple, easy-to-use interface. From the all new map-based search feature, to the integrated document management capabilities, we’ve streamlined the search and clicks and elevated the design to make your partner carriers delighted to haul loads on your behalf.

Carrier Monitoring Module:

On-boarding and monitoring your partner carriers can be one of the more time-sensitive and laborious tasks your team handles for your brokerage operations. With the new Carrier Monitoring module, our system is capable of importing and continuous monitoring of your partner carriers via popular services like SaferWatch and MyCarrierPackets. During the on-boarding process, your team can pick and choose which data from these services should be imported into the Magnus platform and the Magnus platform will automatically keep those critical elements in sync allowing you to remain in compliance with your business requirements and federal mandates.

Magnus Customer Tracking Portal:

As with the all new Magnus Carrier Advantage module, we took the same approach in re-imagining our existing Customer Tracking Portal. The Magnus Customer Tracking Portal places your customers in the driver seat. Now they can monitor in-flight deliveries, automate shipment and delivery notifications, and directly access load documentation, such as electronic proof-of-service documents.

Profile Pics:

Have you ever taken a phone call from a concerned driver but couldn’t recall the face of the person to whom you are chatting? Staying connected to the folks who are literally driving your business has never been more challenging in these unprecedented times.  With our enhanced driver, truck, and trailer profile pictures, your operations team can now match a face with a name or a grill with a plate number. 

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About Magnus

Magnus Technologies is a trucking logistics management service company that is designed to help trucking companies improve their operations and maximize their revenue by employing the best technology solutions. Formerly Viridian TransVision, in 2016 logistics and enterprise industry veterans rebranded and expanded their offerings to create Magnus, a common carrier and brokerage software solution. The Magnus Carrier TMS, in conjunction with the mobile Magnus Driver App (MDA), provides a complete end-to-end dispatching solution that automates and simplifies the creation, fulfillment, and settlement of transportation orders. The Magnus platform seamlessly integrates with ELD, EDI and legacy applications with a full suite of APIs to assist in managing multiple disparate apps.