Case Study: Pasha Group

New TMS, Moving Business Forward


Simplify order management processes due to requisite paperwork requirements and other customer demands


Implement and configure the Magnus TMS in order to simplify and streamline the movement of Pasha’s cargo 


Elevated customer and driver satisfaction: Investing in technology to enhance productivity, increase quality, and profitability

“After researching different systems, we felt like Magnus offered us the Cadillac version of a TMS at the same cost of other basic models. We knew our drivers had experienced the least amount of issues when they use the Magnus mobile app. Additionally, several of our carrier partners told us how superior Magnus was compared to their prior TMS.”


ChallengeOverhauling the system: Out with the old

The Pasha Group had a transportation management system (TMS) that was creating increasing and unneeded friction in their auto hauling business. The TMS wasn’t a good fit for their needs and it put them in a position where they weren’t able to successfully handle the changes and requirements of the industry and their business. 

Over time, they encountered numerous challenges attempting to satisfy different original equipment manufacturers (OEM) requirements as well as non-OEM customer requirements. It required an excessive amount of time and effort to make their existing TMS work. The paperwork involved in the customer’s diverse and mandated requirements created a log jam in their back-end operations. Additionally, customers were asking Pasha for more transparency into where their cargo was at various points in the life cycle of the load. 

Pasha’s auto hauling business needed a system that could handle the unique scenarios that they encountered. They were looking to have seamless ELD, customer, trading partner, and legacy corporate integrations. Additionally, due to their past experiences with a disjointed front-end and back-end solution, they were looking to tightly integrate a complete mobile solution for drivers that allowed full self-service reporting, support for their brokerage operations, driver payroll automation, and an API-based integration into their larger corporation’s legacy systems.

They reached out to their network of drivers and carrier partners to get recommendations on a proven solution that would provide them with a superior level of service, first-rate technology, and in-depth industry know-how. With their mission to be a leader in providing customized, cost-effective and profitable value-added services, it was important for Pasha’s TMS to ensure each shipment moves quickly and efficiently through the transportation chain.

Pasha Carhauler
SolutionSystem upgrade: In with the new

Due to the specialized equipment, as well as high integrations (with high variability) with customer and trading partners, Pasha needed a TMS that was created by experts in the transportation business, not just in the software business. Since their TMS was the heart of their operation, it had to easily connect, share, and coordinate all these disparate customers and eliminate the manual paperwork and other efforts involved in their order lifecycle.

They found their answer in the Magnus Platform. The Magnus TMS addressed the rapidly changing transportation technology landscape that Pasha was encountering. The system would help Pasha boost operational efficiencies and maximize profitability. 

Additionally, the support and integration of a modern web-based service, while still supporting legacy systems, was mandatory. With a full suite of APIs, Magnus made sure that all Pasha’s systems and partners would have the real-time route information they needed, as well as a way to digitize documents in real time. 

ResultsTransporting to a new level of service

Within days of switching over to the new Magnus TMS, employees at Pasha felt like they were seeing improvements in all aspects of the transportation life cycle. The Pasha team was able to quickly adapt to the new system. One employee reported it took him 9 months to learn the old system and only two days to feel comfortable with Magnus. 

These efficiencies have resulted in a gain of 10% in productivity for the Pasha team, almost the equivalent of having one less hour’s worth of work at the end of an already long day. Back-office manual tasks, like manual invoicing and paperwork, have been significantly reduced and those processes are automated by the Magnus system. 

Pasha has found that many of the Magnus Platform built-in features have created unanticipated opportunities for increased profitability and time saving in other areas of their business. One example is the load building feature, which allows Pasha to have more control over sending loads to all of their carrier partners with ease. 

Loadbuilding when dealing with vehicles is complex; every load can be LTL and can require multiple legs. Additionally, cargo requires specific inspection processes at both pickup and delivery, with near real-time transmission of events and data that is available from Magnus Driver App

Pasha’s business is made up of a high number of small processes that ultimately have to work together to ensure all aspects of the business are fulfilled. Magnus supported the assimilation and automation of these business processes, reducing errors and freeing up staff by reducing manual efforts and allowing them to focus on exception management or other more valuable tasks.

The drivers who work with Pasha have reported a better experience since upgrading to the Magnus Driver App. The Magnus Driver App is company agnostic. This allows for the application to be directly integrated with Pasha’s other partners without the need for a different application or process with each company they haul freight for.

A highlight of the partnership has been the interactions between the Pasha team and the Magnus support team. When there are questions, the Magnus customer support team handles all requests step-by-step until the question at hand is solved. Additionally, the teams work together to configure or enhance the platform in order to align with Pasha’s business needs and goals. 

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