The Digitalization of Trucking

Digital transformation and automation is no longer a choice but an imperative. “The move to digitization has accelerated, and the benefits will be permanent, there is no going back,” KPMG.

The transportation industry lags other industries when it comes to leveraging technology for improving efficiency and productivity. In an industry where consumers want goods moved faster and cheaper, progressive technology solutions like a SaaS-based TMS, tend to fall by the wayside since it requires extra time to identify and implement new solutions. Unfortunately, this has led to both time and money waste in an industry that has thin margins and high capital expenses.

Adopting new technologies can help trucking companies improve their competitiveness and margins. Technology enables the tools and processes for companies to become more efficient and their employees more productive.

Lifecycle TMS

SaaS-based TMS

It all starts with a platform. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provides the technology stack which enables Transportation Management Solution (TMS) providers to develop easily accessible and integratable solutions for trucking companies of all sizes.  

By adopting SaaS-based TMS solutions, trucking companies get easy access to their software anywhere and anytime. It also provides for easy integration to other systems and devices without the need for expensive custom development.

Centralizing all of your tools and processes onto one platform means your employees will become more productive. It will reduce the time spent looking through multiple systems to provide the information your employees need to make sound business decisions.  

SaaS-based TMS will also make it easier to automate your processes and eliminate paper-based processes. This means more time for you employees to focus on your customers.

Communicating with your drivers is essential for the success of your business. SaaS-base TMS makes it easier to send and receive information with your drivers. Native driver mobile applications make it easier for your drivers to do their jobs and get paid on time, leading to improved driver satisfaction.

With SaaS-based TMS, you will be able to quickly take advantage of new technologies that arise. As the Internet of Things (IoT) grows, connecting with your employees, customers and equipment will help you maintain your competitive advantage.

Digitalization of trucking

“Digitalization is the key enabler of business opportunities over the next decade,” according to the Gartner Future of Supply Chain report. The report pointed out digitalization will support both cost reduction and customer experience improvement for transportation businesses. Creating a technology solution that gives visibility into the entire lifecycle of a shipment in real time will enable carriers & brokers to support better and faster response to unexpected changes in supply or demand.

Gartner Supply Chain Digitalization

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