Top 10 Trucking Industry Issues 2020

The year 2020 was one for the record books, especially in regards to the trucking industry. Shutdowns, shifts in supply and demand, economic uncertainty, unparalleled e-commerce growth, new regulations and restrictions, and, of course, a global pandemic were all part of the most unpredictable year in recent history. Through it all, trucks showed up and delivered. Even though the past year brought on a new batch of industry problems, the issues that existed before the pandemic didn’t go away. 

As part of its annual survey, the American Transportation Research Institute’s (ATRI) studied the trucking industry’s most critical issues as well as to identify preferred strategies for addressing each issue. Over 3,100 industry stakeholders across North America weighed in with their opinions on the most important issues affecting the trucking industry and the broader supply chain. The respondents represented motor carrier personnel (43.9%), commercial drivers (32.2%), and other industry stakeholders (23.9%), including industry suppliers, driver trainers, and law enforcement. 

Here is what they identified as their top trucking industry issues for 2020:

2020 Trucking Industry Issues


For the fourth consecutive year, the driver shortage is the trucking industry’s top concern on the overall list. While this list takes into account all of the industry stakeholders, when you look at two groups – motor carriers and commercial drivers – there are varying concerns that rank in the top 10. 

The top three concerns for motor carriers are

  • driver shortage 
  • driver retention
  • compliance/safety/accountability

For commercial drivers the top three concerns are

  • truck parking
  • driver compensation
  • detention/delay at customer facilities 

Although there is an evident juxtaposition between the concerns of commercial drivers and motor carriers, there are a few common themes such as detention/delay at customer facilities and compliance, safety, and accountability. The Magnus Platform has solutions for both of these. 

The Magnus TMS system includes both a web-based application (Magnus TMS) for your front- and back-office teams to fulfill their responsibilities and a mobile driver app (Magnus Driver App), both seamlessly integrate your entire team, including your drivers, and stay in sync, in real time. Real-time tracking allows both carriers and drivers to communicate in order to create transparent and up-to-the minute based decisions to improve both potential delays as well as compliance, safety, and accountability. 

Additionally, the Business Intelligence built into the Magnus Platform provides insight into the movement of loads and provides industry analytics for insight into operational and industry data to explore and manage trends in order to drive better business decisions.  This can help monitor recurring detentions/delays at facilities in order to remedy and come up with solutions. It also provides insight into if policies around compliance, safety, and accountability are working or if they need to be updated or implemented in a new way. 

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