Understanding Glitches in the Technology Supply Chain

There is a hard and simple fact in the world: human-made inventions break. Whether that is dealing with a truck that breaks down or software that depends on another system to make it work (technology supply chain). Anything humans make can have vulnerabilities or glitches. As a society we have become heavily reliant on things working when we want and how we want. It takes a failure or break for us to realize our dependence on them. It can be frustrating, but things are made by humans and therefore imperfect.

Magnus Technologies TMS

So when a system is down, it is hard to understand how something that seems so reliable and built with the best of breed integrations can stop working. Just as with the product supply chain, there is a technology supply chain that is made of multiple intermediaries, like:

  • hosting platforms
  • security infrastructure
  • cloud computing platforms
  • telecommunications providers
  • back-end and front-end development platforms
  • data storage and processing providers
  • containerization and orchestration tools
  • and more…

At any one stage of a SaaS solution, there are other technologies that support and make a cloud-based technology work. This is true of Magnus.

With so many different dependencies, it is inevitable that a glitch or hiccup in the system happens. This affects both small and large technology companies. Amazon Web Services, Slack, Solar Winds and many others have all experienced outages due to something in their system breaking down. 

Magnus Solution

Magnus is not immune to outages and we are prepared for an unexpected outage. We work constantly to minimize disruptions, as well as providing multiple and redundant paths where necessary. Our goal is to provide a 99.999% uptime experience for all of our customers and to keep things up and running as best we can.

As technologies become more and more connected, there are going to be vulnerabilities that ripple through an entire ecosystem unexpectedly. It is a fact, just as it is a fact that trucks break down and human-made items are fallible. With five nines of reliability, Magnus is a platform that is a trusted partner for our customers. We create the best possible solution to keep your trucking business up and running.

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About Magnus

Magnus Technologies is a trucking logistics management service company that is designed to help trucking companies improve their operations and maximize their revenue by employing the best technology solutions. Formerly Viridian TransVision, in 2016 logistics and enterprise industry veterans rebranded and expanded their offerings to create Magnus, a common carrier and brokerage software solution. The Magnus Carrier TMS, in conjunction with the mobile Magnus Driver App (MDA), provides a complete end-to-end dispatching solution that automates and simplifies the creation, fulfillment, and settlement of transportation orders. The Magnus platform seamlessly integrates with ELD, EDI and legacy applications with a full suite of APIs to assist in managing multiple disparate apps.