A Fully-Integrated and Integratable Transportation Management System Platform

We keep things simple and safe so you can focus on your business.

The Magnus TMS Platform gives you the ability to integrate with new services quickly and transparently – one we think is vital for a TMS, given how central it is to your business. With our new and diverse services and automation, we are helping carriers boost operational efficiencies and maximize profitability. 

The Magnus Technologies Platform is designed to support and integrate with modern web-based services while still natively supporting legacy EDI/batch-based processing. From taking in telemetry data from your ELD provider to interrogating load boards for the optimal rates for a given lane, the Magnus Technologies Platform has you covered. With a full suite of APIs, we make sure that all systems and partners have the real-time information they need. 

When a technology solution is purpose-built like ours, it lasts longer, has greater scalability and flexibility, and supports your business better.

Magnus Transportation Management (TMS) Platform gives you the ability to integrate with new services quickly & transparently.

When a technology solution is purpose-built, it lasts longer, has greater scalability and flexibility, and supports your business better.

SaaS Architecture

Built Better to Perform Better

Magnus Technologies leverages the latest database solutions, hosting infrastructure, and development tools to create a software solution that can grow with your business, adapt to meet your needs, and provide the functionality you want. Building our technology on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) architecture means that Magnus Technologies can simplify and streamline your business, keep you up-to-date without downtime, and help protect your business against data loss. Your operations will be faster, more productive, and more profitable. Legacy applications may not have the extensibility needed to thrive in today’s business world. But when a technology solution is purpose-built, it lasts longer, has greater scalability and flexibility, and supports your business better.

Our software solution doesn’t require expensive on-premises hardware, is easy-to-use and we do all the ongoing maintenance, security, backups, and support, freeing your staff up to handle other business-critical tasks.

  • Keep your business running quickly and effectively with a solution built on top of the latest SaaS hosting providers.
  • Grow your business on-demand without worrying about whether your technology infrastructure can maintain the pace.
  • Protect your operations against fraud or loss with data backup and availability with a built-in, streamlined method to ensure business continuity.
  • Store an unlimited number of images and documents without the need for an additional document imaging vendor, resulting in cost savings and a lower management footprint.
  • Stay up-to-date with regularly scheduled, seamless version updates that give you the latest features and functions without impacting your business.
  • Provide seamless, web-based, real-time access to data for remote workers without the need for unreliable and difficult-to-use remote desktop software.


Cybersecurity is driving trucking and logistics companies from outdated client-server TMS to modern enterprise SaaS platforms.

The Security Threat is Real for Supply Chain Industries

The global health pandemic, civil unrest, severe weather events, supply chain problems and more have created a fertile hunting ground for Cybercriminals.  In early 2021, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security estimated that ransomware attacks increased threefold during the past year.

Motor carriers and freight brokers, who have not traditionally invested in IT security are a prized target for attacks – in particular, their technology-driven TMS. 

Securing outdated TMS systems that operate with a traditional client-server model can be expensive and challenging. With cybercriminals tapping into the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to exploit system vulnerabilities on a massive scale, simple IT security solutions are no longer adequate.

By the time someone detects an intrusion it is already too late. On average, it takes transportation companies 192 days to detect a breach and another 60 days to contain it, according to research by IBM. Since a data breach will likely involve system outages and lost revenue. A 2020 report by IBM estimated the average cost of a data breach event at $8.6 million.

Turning on the SaaS advantage

Magnus Technologies leverages the data security advantages of SaaS-based TMS to provide the protection our vulnerable clientele require. This state-of-the-art security is derived from these systems being hosted by companies that have enormous scale and sophistication – such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). It far outperforms the IT security measures that trucking and logistics can put in place, on their own, to protect on-premises data centers.

The infrastructure AWS has built and manage can meet the needs of the largest, most security-sensitive businesses, including transportation companies.

Magnus Technologies uses AWS for its enterprise SaaS-based TMS platform because it is affordable and scalable to fleets of all sizes. It gives trucking and logistics clients a resilient, high-security TMS infrastructure with zero capital outlay and overhead.

The AWS platform also has world-class redundancy, ensuring all your data will be immediately available in the unlikely event of a system outage.

To learn more about the security advantages of using the Magnus enterprise SaaS platform, and how trucking and logistics companies can benefit from using the modern, scalable TMS, please contact us today at: (877) 381-4632 or [email protected].

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