Access the partner APIs you need – at no additional cost*!

With its cloud-based platform, Magnus TMS makes it easy to integrate with any of your partner applications.

That includes:

  • ELD
  • EDI
  • ERP
  • Legacy
  • Accounting
  • Documentation
  • You name it!

Integrations Made Easy 

API integrations don’t have to be complex! 

With Magnus TMS, we already have an extensive list of partner connections but are always willing and ready to add more. 


Don’t Leave Any Partner Behind

Switching a TMS can be daunting. But with Magnus, bring all your existing integrations with you!

We can quickly and seamlessly migrate any current integrations your company has and implement new ones as you add services. 


Expert Service; No Additional Cost

With our in-house team of experts and our readily accessible cloud platform, we make integrations look and feel easy for you and your team. And the best part is, the cost of integrations are included in the monthly subscription fee*!

Whether you need to connect your ELD, invoicing/billing, trading partners, CRM, fuel or driver credit card, asset tracking or any other need, Magnus has you covered, allowing you to share data when and where you need to.

Here are some of the integrations and trading partners we work with:





Fuel / Driver Credit Card


Trading Partners

Accounting & Payroll