Extreme Transportation

An outdated transportation management system hindered Extreme Transportation from achieving its growth, efficiency, and profitability goals. The auto hauler knew it needed an upgrade so they turned to Magnus TMS. Now the company has advanced functionality with artificial intelligence and machine learning that helps dispatch optimize every asset, improve decision-making, and automate workflows. Discover how Extreme Transportation is increasing its productivity, easily onboarding drivers, and is on track to reach its 40% expansion goal by switching to Magnus TMS in this success story.


Pasha Auto Trucking

Pasha Auto Trucking is an expert at meeting the changing demands of the automotive hauling and logistics industry, but its transportation management system was not. For a company moving up to 40,000 vehicles per month, knowing real-time locations is priority one, but manual tracking had Pasha stuck in the slow lane until it switched to the Magnus TMS and Driver App, which increased efficiency by 24%. Read more in this success story.