All technology roads lead to Magnus in the highly specialized field of automotive hauling and logistics.

The modern, SaaS-based Magnus transportation management system (TMS) has an all-inclusive subscription with everything auto transporters need to digitize the order-to-cash process.

Boost your bottom line. Remove friction. Give your customers, drivers, and dispatchers an intuitive, best-in-class experience with:

  • Automated load updates and tracking.
  • Complete, one-click access to load, truck, and driver information.
  • Streamlined data exchange.
  • Enterprise-grade security, uptime, and scalability advantages.
  • And much more.
Our solution helps you to grow a profitable business by simplifying and streamlining your operations and increasing productivity

The Magnus TMS fast tracks growth for auto haulers to surmount challenging and evolving industry demands with:

Instant Communications.

Instantly respond to customer rate requests, load tenders, shipment updates, and other time-sensitive communications via EDI and direct API integrations. Magnus TMS has pre-built connections with vehicle OEMs.

Unified carrier-broker operations.

Maximize user efficiency and give customers a single point of contact.

  • Digitally manage the progress of loads through all stages — pickup, in transit, delivery, and invoicing.
  • Automatically send electronic load tenders with rate agreements to carriers for acceptance.

Magnus Carrier Advantage Network.

Seamlessly work with other auto haulers in the Magnus Carrier Advantage Network to fill empty miles without having to re-enter VINs, rates, customers, and other details.

  • “A huge thing for us is the integration with other customers that use Magnus. We’re able to trade work back and forth seamlessly.”

    –B.J. Alicandro, CEO, Extreme Transportation

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What if you could simply click a button to seamlessly share load info throughout the lifecycle of the transaction?

Frictionless Freight:

5 Ways to Simplify the Back Office with a Modern TMS

By implementing a cloud-based TMS, trucking and logistics companies can overcome typical freight transaction challenges, simplify operations, accelerate cash flow, and make better, smarter choices for their organizations.

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Optimize dispatch

The Magnus TMS leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and integrated communications to power-up load planning and dispatch. Reduce deadhead miles and maximize driver utilization and customer service with:

Load Builder.

Create more profitable shipments with this unique color-coded map view and drag-and-drop tool by consolidating orders, maximizing load count and minimizing empty miles.

  • See how Pasha Automotive Services uses Magnus TMS to increase staff efficiency by 24% and double its driver-to-dispatcher ratio without compromising quality.Download case study

Magnus Driver App.

A simple, foolproof method to share and receive information with drivers.

  • Send all pertinent load information to drivers from the TMS with a single click.
  • Drivers scan moved VINs, update pick-ups and deliveries, log car inspections, capture proof-of-delivery (POD) receipts, electronic signatures, and more.
  • Upon delivery, the app can give drivers instant confirmation of what they will be paid based on a daily, hourly, mileage, or percentage-based rate.

Leave nothing on the table

The Magnus TMS streamlines payroll and invoicing by ensuring all details are accounted for — PODs, fuel surcharges, detention, toll roads, and more. The platform instantly analyzes loads and provides shipment-level P&Ls for instant profitability checks.
Auto haulers have the flexibility to use best-of-breed accounting systems to meet unique operational and financial needs. Magnus TMS integrates with QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Accumatica, and more.

The Magnus TMS delivers enterprise-wide visibility to the front lines and the C-suite from:

Customizable dashboards

With on-screen exception notifications. Fields change colors to alert users to exceptions with single-click access to view detailed event information.

Integrated Business Intelligence

BI module gives user-permission access to data with tools to build custom reports and visualizations to make better, more informed decisions.

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