The Magnus Technologies Platform

Based on years of high-volume, large-scale operational experience in the transportation and logistics space, the Magnus Technologies Platform delivers a modern, scalable, SaaS-based transportation management system (TMS) that simplifies and streamlines operations for small to large-scale trucking companies.

The Magnus Technologies Platform is made up of three primary components that work together seamlessly to provide clear and simple ways to help trucking companies do business faster and more efficiently.

Magnus Trucking Management System (TMS)

Magnus Driver App

Magnus Carrier Advantage

These three parts of the Magnus Platform are easy to use, affordable, and connect the back office with drivers to maximize assets, reduce empty miles, improve service levels, increase driver satisfaction and retention, and manage safety and risk.

Innovative Features for Optimal Performance

SaaS architecture

Web-based and fully accessible software via a browser, with a modern data architecture that makes adding new customers and transportation solutions simple.

Business Intelligence

Analytics platform that makes it easier to explore and manage data in order to drive better business decisions by analyzing operational and industry data for insights.

Native file translation

Integrated and extensible capability for inbound and outbound Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to support your electronic commerce requirements.

Hosting infrastructure

Best-of-breed Big Cloud infrastructure utilization that deploys highly scalable software with unlimited storage and high redundancy for 99.9999% uptime to keep you in business.

Capacity and load sharing functionality

Fully-integrated and automated solution for sharing capacity and load data across the family of Magnus customers that was purpose-built for carriers.

Sophisticated and flexible order management

SKU level visibility and load building tools for the creation of simple or complex, multi-stop loads.

Customer and carrier portals

Simple-to-use, online portal designed to provide your customers and carriers with access to the detailed order information they need to do business with you.

Rating functionality

Integrated solution for defining, evaluating, and applying rates for revenue, cost, and driver pay.

Report writer

Customizable reporting tool where you can create reports tailored to your business needs.

Claims handling capability

User-friendly option that handles the complete claims lifecycle: from driver creation with the mobile app to the back-end claims management process.

Load invoicing and driver pay

Seamless system that tracks, reports, and posts receivables and payables to general ledger accounting solutions.

Driver Mobile Application

Mobile application for iOS and Android devices that allows your drivers to receive, process, and update loads, eliminating paperwork while streamlining workflow and communications.

With a background in finished vehicle logistics, the Magnus Technologies Platform has expanded to meet the needs of carriers and brokers

Building on our Experience

In 2019 Magnus Technologies launched our updated Magnus Technologies Platform: Magnus TMS, Magnus Driver App, and Magnus Carrier Advantage. The Magnus TMS is a carrier and broker solution that provides the market a complete platform that meets the evolving needs of the industry. With a background in finished vehicle logistics, the Magnus Technologies Platform has expanded to meet the needs of carriers and brokers with these capabilities built into the platform:

  • Intelligent Truckload Planning
    optimized matching of loads to drivers and tendering to 3rd party carriers
  • Customer Specific Workflow for Load Lifecycle
    a configurable load lifecycle based on customizable and diverse requirements
  • Enhanced Driver Management Capabilities
    key enhancements that help drivers to be productive and happy, while helping retain driver talent
  • Enhanced Magnus Driver App
    complete load management, fully integrated document imaging, pay and time-off requests, and much more

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