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The transportation technology landscape is changing rapidly. New services and automation are helping carriers to boost operational efficiencies and maximize profitability. Your Transportation Management System (TMS) is at the heart of your operations, so it should be viewed as the “hub” of your technology wheel, which means it must have the ability to easily connect, share, and coordinate all these disparate technologies.

The Magnus Technologies Platform was designed to support and integrate with modern web-based services while still natively supporting legacy EDI/batch-based processing. From taking in telemetry data from your electronic logging device (ELD) provider to interrogating load boards for the optimal rates for a given lane, the Magnus Technologies Platform has you covered. With a full suite of APIs, we make sure that all systems and partners have the real-time information they need. And our ability to integrate with new services quickly and transparently is one of our strengths – one we think is vital for a TMS, given how central it is to your business.

When a technology solution is purpose-built, it lasts longer, has greater scalability and flexibility, and supports your business better.

SaaS Architecture

How It’s Built Matters

Just as construction relies on sound architectural framework, software also relies on planning, research, and a firm architecture. When a technology solution is purpose-built, it lasts longer, has greater scalability and flexibility, and supports your business better.

Legacy applications may not have the extensibility needed to thrive in today’s business world. Magnus Technologies leverages the latest database solutions, hosting infrastructure, and development tools to create a software solution that can grow with your business, adapt to meet your needs, and provide the functionality you want. Our software solution doesn’t require expensive on-premises hardware, is easy-to-use and we do all the ongoing maintenance, security, backups, and support freeing your staff up to handle other business-critical tasks.

  • Keep your business running quickly and effectively with a solution built on top of the latest SaaS hosting providers.
  • Grow your business on-demand without worrying about whether your technology infrastructure can maintain the pace.
  • Protect your operations against fraud or loss with data backup and availability with an built-in, streamlined method to ensure business continuity.
  • Store an unlimited number of images and documents without the need for an additional document imaging vendor, resulting in cost savings and a lower management footprint.
  • Stay up-to-date with regularly scheduled, seamless version updates that give you the latest features and functions without impacting your business.
  • Provide seamless, web-based, real time access to data for remote workers without the need for unreliable and difficult to use remote desktop software.

Building our technology on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) architecture means that Magnus Technologies can simplify and streamline your business, keep you up-to-date without downtime, and help protect your business against data loss. Your operations will be faster, more productive, and more profitable.


Data and identity theft, internal threats, phishing, account takeover. Nothing you want to deal with… ever. With Magnus, we make sure you don’t have to!

The total cost for U.S. data breaches in 2019 was $12.3 billion dollars. According to the Cost of a Data Breach Report, in 2020 the transportation industry paid on average $3.6 million dollars per data security breach. According to the report, 80 percent of the organizations that were breached said customer personally identifiable information was breached. This year, it took companies on average 207 days to identify and 73 days to contain a breach – a total of 280 days.

Security is serious and it is something that Magnus Technologies takes very seriously. Here is what we are doing to make sure all of our customers are secure from emerging cyber threats.

  • Implement “must follow” security measures for your organization to stay secured in these unsecured times
  • Require recurring penetration testing, ensuring customers compliance with constantly evolving data protection and security
  • Employ highly qualified cybersecurity team to monitor and manage security systems

Magnus Technologies partners with Breachlock, a provider of comprehensive, continuous testing and scanning suite of tools for the Magnus platform. With their tools, Magnus customers, their data, and their employees benefit from human-augmented penetration testing and AI-based vulnerability scanning across the entirety of our solution. Additionally, Breachlock provides up-to-the-minute recommended actions across various components of Magnus’ technical infrastructure to make sure we are safe; thus ensuring complete safety for all of our customers too.

We take security seriously. For you, for us, and for the transportation industry.

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