Top Auto Transporter Hansen & Adkins Deploys SaaS-based TMS from Magnus Technologies

Carrier credits intuitive, scalable TMS solution for rapid three-week implementation

(Austin, Texas. Oct. 28) — Magnus Technologies, an enterprise trucking, and logistics management software provider, announces that Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport, one of the largest auto haulers in North America with more than 1000 trucks, selected its SaaS-based platform and achieved a rapid, three-week implementation.

Magnus has 20 years of experience developing and deploying enterprise transportation management software (TMS) platforms for truckload and less-than-truckload carriers of all sizes, including the market-leading TMS solution for auto haulers.

Two years ago, Hansen & Adkins (H&A) hired experienced IT professional Jay Kelly to modernize the company’s technology and business processes. Kelly had experience with implementing large-scale ERP solutions for utility companies going through digital transformations.

His top priority at H&A was replacing a legacy client-server TMS system that was unfit for the business’ evolving needs in finished vehicle distribution from manufacturers to dealerships. The search for a new TMS began with evaluating products from the best TMS suppliers in the trucking industry.

“All I saw were a bunch of players built on old technology,” said Kelly, vice president of IT at Los Alamitos, Calif-based H&A. “It was clear we had to find something different. We needed a technology partner with a platform capable of meeting our business needs. We also needed a partner who was thinking about the future. The path to get there was not with legacy client-server technology.”

H&A wanted a modern, enterprise SaaS for the advantages of heightened IT security, low overhead, no IT maintenance, and scalability. The Magnus platform checked every box, and “with Magnus we don’t have to help a software company understand how we run,” he said. “They already knew. Everything was built for our business.”

H&A signed with Magnus in June with a go-live date tentatively planned for Oct. 1. These plans were curtailed when the company’s legacy TMS system experienced a critical outage on Aug. 27. Restoring the service was a major challenge.

Employees had to resort to manual, pen-to-paper processes to keep the business up and running.

“We looked to the Magnus team to accelerate our implementation to minimize the impact of the outage on our customers,” Kelly said. During the second week of September, H&A went live with Magnus, a full three weeks ahead of schedule.

“If we had done this with a system that needed to be tailored to automotive logistics it would have prolonged our recovery,” Kelly said. “The intuitiveness of the system enabled us to deploy with little or no training throughout our departments.”

The Magnus TMS integrated with H&A’s various third-party software systems to accelerate the cutover process and return to normality.

“Getting a large transportation company like H&A running on a new enterprise TMS system in just a few short weeks was a huge accomplishment for both sides,” said Matt Cartwright, CEO of Magnus Technologies. “The customers and partners of H&A all responded positively to the change. Many of them already had experience with Magnus and knew our capabilities.”

One of the early paybacks for H&A came by using the Magnus Driver App. The company has eliminated printing and mailing settlement sheets to drivers. Weekly settlements and pay estimates for every load are now visible to drivers within the app.

H&A also benefits from a streamlined communications process. For each delivery, H&A communicates with as many as six different supply chain partners. Each has a different way of doing things. Magnus took over management of all these connections for H&A. “Having a partner in Magnus who does that and makes it all work is a huge benefit,” Kelly said. “It gets us out of the business of data exchange.”

About Magnus Technologies
Magnus Technology Group, headquartered in Austin Texas, has 20 years of experience designing, developing, and delivering enterprise TMS software. Magnus is the first software provider in the transport and logistics industry to offer an enterprise SaaS-based TMS that is affordable and scalable to fleets of all sizes. The all-new Magnus TMS platform is modular and works seamlessly with the Magnus Driver App and Magnus Carrier Advantage network to deliver a complete, end-to-end mobile dispatch and order fulfillment solution to truckload fleets for maximizing profitability and growth.

About Hansen & Adkins
Founded in 1994 by industry veterans Steve Hansen and Louie Adkins, Hansen & Adkins has grown continuously for two decades to reach 1,100 haulers. H&A serves 16 major auto manufacturers in all 50 states from 34 U.S. terminals and locations in Canada. The Los Alamitos, Calif.-based company has won numerous industry awards for its excellence in safety, damage elimination, and performance. The company’s leaders helped establish the Auto Haulers Association of America.

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About Magnus Technologies